Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Candy Pumpkin Bracelets

My girls are the definition of "girly-girl," so doing anything remotely feminine makes their whole day.  Add candy at they are on cloud 9.  That said, I knew this pumpkin bracelet craft would be a huge hit.

You will need pumpkin candies, a needle, and thread.  The pumpkins can be a little bit tough to push the needle through.

Make sure to measure the bracelet before you tie it off.  You don't want it to be too small!

Goofy and Princess showing off their new pumpkin bracelets.

The best part - EATING THEM!  I didn't let them eat all of the pumpkins in one sitting (that would be a lot of sugar for one night).

Try out different kinds of candy!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Prayer: A Link to God FHE Lesson

At this last General Conference Elder Richard G. Scott gave us 4 tools that we can use to strengthen our families: family scripture study, attending the temple, family home evening, and family prayer.  I decided to focus on family prayer for FHE.

I put up a picture of Jesus as well as 3 different times of day.  I had cut out some strips of paper that said "meal prayer," "family prayer," :personal prayer," and one that said "anytime, anywhere."  I asked the kids to place each prayer with the time of day where it belongs.

The kids liked making the chains.

Here's a close up of the different links.  They have pictures on them for the little ones that can't read.

I told the kids that each time we say a prayer it links us to Heavenly Father.  It gives him more chances to teach us, guide us, and help us throughout the day.  I told them we could pray anytime, anywhere, whenever we feel like it.

Our family is pretty good at having family prayer at night, but we had never done family prayer in the morning.  We set a time each morning that we would say our family prayers.  So far, we have stuck with it.  Saying family prayer has been a great way to start off our day.


Here are different prayer slips and times that I used for the lesson (as always, feel free to use them for your own FHE).

How has General Conference helped your family?

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween Nail Painting

Time to get festive!  I don't paint my kids' nails very often, so when I do paint their nails it is a special treat.  They were so excited to have their nails painted with Halloween designs.

I used this activity while we watched General Conference.  If they heard the word associated with each color we put a tally mark.  When it was over we used the colors they earned to make the different designs.

Princess liked showing off her nails.  Let's get a closer look...

Here is her right hand.  She loved the little ghost.

And the left hand.  I thought they all turned out pretty cute.

I made some cute little eyeballs on my big toe (ignore my ugly feet).

Goofy wanted orange nails with a black tip.

Feel free to use this printable for your own Halloween nail painting party.

Happy Halloween!

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Halloween Popsicle Stick Puzzles

Can you tell that Princess was super excited to try out these new Halloween Popsicle stick puzzles?  I made them for one of our 30 Days of Halloween activities.  I never knew how simple Popsicle stick puzzles were to make.  They are also cheap and compact.  Plus your kids will love them (at least mine did).

All you will need are 10 large Popsicle sticks per puzzle, a glue stick, scissors, and one of the 7 templates I created using PicMonkey and free clip art.



Print out the template(s) that you like, (make sure to print them 5 x 7 size), and cut out the picture. Glue a Popsicle stick onto the back side of the template along the edge.  Cut off the excess template as close to the Popsicle stick as you can.  Repeat with all remaining Popsicle sticks.

You will then have a cute little Halloween puzzle that your kids will love.  Goofy surprised me by how good she was at making these puzzles.

Princess making a scary, Halloween face.

Princess whipped out all seven puzzles in no time flat.

To store them simply wrap a rubber band around each Halloween Popsicle stick puzzle.  You can take these with you on the road (far less mess than a regular puzzle).

Come check out some of the other Halloween activities we are doing!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

30 Halloween Activities

It's October!  I love everything about October: autumn in full swing, Halloween, wearing sweaters & scarves, Halloween, pumpkin everything, Halloween...

Okay, so I'm a little Halloween obsessed.  Halloween is MY holiday.  Growing up my mom always in charge of Easter and Christmas, but she left Halloween to my siblings and me.  We created haunted houses in our basement.  We came up with epic ways to decorate the house.  We designed our own pumpkin carving patterns.  So many good memories!

Although I'm late getting started (thanks to a surprise appendectomy) my kids and I wrote down 30 activities we could do leading up to Halloween.  Time to make some memories!  Here is what we came up with:

As we do the activities I will update this page to let you in on the fun.

1. Paint Rocks
2. Play with Popsicle Stick Puzzles
Making puzzles is one of my kids' favorite things.  These Popsicle stick puzzles are cheap, compact, and easy enough for a 3-year-old to put together on their own.  Click HERE to get your own free Popsicle stick puzzle templates.

3. Pumpkin Patch
4. Make Bookmarks
5. Paint Nails
My girls love painting nails.  Time to get festive with some Halloween designs.  Click HERE for the free printable. 

6. Make Halloween Pennant Banners
7. Play with Slime
8. Beanbag Toss
9. Masking Tape Mummies
Try making these personalized mummies with your kids.

10. Make a Haunted House
I bought a haunted house kit from Walmart and put it together.  So cheap and easy to make!

11. Make Halloween Puppets
12. Make Pumpkin Owls
13. Make Wreaths
14. Color Halloween Pictures
15. Play Grab the Ghost
16. Make Paper Pumpkins
17. Pumpkin Bowling
18. Drink Witch's Brew
19. Mummy Wrapping
20. Play Witch Pitch
Help your kids practice counting as they try to toss candy corns into cauldrons.  This is also a fabulous group date game.

21. Have a Halloween Scavenger Hunt
22. Make Pumpkin Bracelets
What's better than making bracelets?  Making edible bracelets!  (Tutorial will be added soon.)

23. Have a Halloween Photo Booth
24. Carve Pumpkins
25. Decorate the Bat Cave
I let the kids decorate their toy room with bats.  They now call it the bat cave.  Princess even hung some bats from the ceiling.

26. Draw Bats in Cages
27. Decorate Suckers
28. Make Halloween Hair Bows
29. Decorate Treat Bags
Let your kids use paint and Q-tips to decorate their treat bags.  They will love showing them off on Halloween.

30. Make a Treat
I whipped up a nice, Fall treat (it's a favorite from my childhood).  We had applesauce sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar.  I topped it off with vanilla ice cream and some Halloween sprinkles.  This treat is fast, easy, and semi-healthy.

How do you celebrate Halloween with your family?

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