Saturday, September 15, 2012

Witch Pitch - A Spooktacular Date Game

I was looking through my Halloween board on Pinterest (did I mention I'm a Halloween nut?) and I saw this witch pitch game I pinned last year.  I can't believe I've had Pinterest over a year now!  Anyway, I used it last year for my sister's Halloween Morp date, but I modified it a little bit.  I found the little cauldrons and candy corns at Walmart.  I lined the cauldrons up on the floor.  There were 3 cauldrons per couple.  Each cauldron was worth a certain amount of points (the closest 1 point, the furthest away 3 points).  I gave each couple 20 candy corns.  They took turns throwing the candy corns and seeing how many they could get in the cauldrons.

At the end they added up the points.  You would not believe how competitive this game can be.  There was lots of smack talking going on.

The red team won.  For the date they also had the classic mummy race where you wrap each other up like mummies as fast as you can.

Later, they had a candy scavenger hunt in the backyard.  My mom hid candy all over the yard, turned off all of the lights, and gave each couple a flashlight to find the candy.

Everyone had a blast.

They made a haul.

Mmm!  Candy!

Every time I've used the witch pitch game it has been a hit.  I plan on using it again this year with my kids.  I'm sure Princess will love it.  Goofy will probably just want to eat the candy corns.

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