Saturday, September 15, 2012

Black Light Fun

A few years ago I purchased a giant black light (for Halloween purposes of course).  It was an expensive purchase and sits in storage all year until Halloween comes back around.  What a waste right?  I came across Play at Home Mom's blog.  What an amazing find!  She has so many good ideas.  As I was looking through her blog a section called Glowing Art caught my eye.  She had set up a table with neon pom-poms and pipe cleaners for her kids to play with under the black light.  And wouldn't you know it, I happened to have neon pipe cleaners and pom-poms too?!

Here's the set up in the light:

Princess was pretty excited, but once I turned on the black light it was ten times cooler!

Princess had a blast making rainbows, flowers, turtles, and just watching things glow.

We have done this many times since I took these pictures.  When I was teaching about America for preschool we made Grand Canyons out of neon sand.  The kids love anything in the black light, and I do too.  I guess I'm just a big kid at heart.

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