Saturday, October 13, 2012

Banana Ghosts and Oreo Spiders

I love am loving making Halloween treats this season.  We had a couple of spooky guests on our dinner plate on Thursday: Banana Ghosts and Oreo Spiders.  My kids absolutely loved them!

Here are the cute little ghosts.  All it takes are bananas and chocolate chips.  Could it get any easier?!

My husband loves the sweet and salty combo, and he loves Oreos, so I thought he would love these little spiders.  Just open some Oreos, arrange your pretzels to look like legs, close the Oreos, and put some white chocolate chips for eyes.  I could have eaten tons of these (luckily I only made enough for each of us to have one).  

Your kids will love these super easy treats.  Happy Halloween!

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Or check out the Food and Recipes tab at the top.

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