Monday, October 1, 2012

Clue Party

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Every once in a while I come up with an idea of my own that I didn't find on Pinterest.  Last year for Halloween I threw a Clue Party for my family.  I gave them each an assignment to dress like a different character from the Clue game.  Seeing everyone in their costume was my favorite part of the whole night.  Just look at this group...

Pretty fun!  Let's take a closer look at everyone's outfits.

Mr. Green and Mrs. White.

Mrs. Peacock and Colonel Mustard.  They look pretty suspicious to me.

Ms. Scarlet and Professor Plum,

And Wadsworth the Butler and Yvette the Maid.

Here are my kiddos, just trying to figure out what we are all up to.  Little did they know they were sitting with the murderer!

We started the evening out with dinner.

On each plate was a different card with a weapon on it: rope, wrench, knife, revolver, lead pipe, and candlestick.  I sent around a hat with cards that had O's and one X with a piece of ribbon on it.  Whoever got the X was the murderer.

Throughout the night we wandered through different rooms of the house and swapped weapons.  Sometime during the night the murderer gave the ribbon along with the weapon and that person died.

Later we gathered in one room and tried to figure out who the murderer was, what weapon the murderer used, and in what room he/she did the killing.  I'm sad to report our murderer, Mr. Green, got away with murder!

After the game we watched Clue the movie.  Now that you know the set-up, go host your own Clue Party!

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