Friday, November 9, 2012

Monster-Themed Halloween Entryway

My family moved to a new house earlier in September.  Leaving my old house full of great memories was super hard, but one great thing is that I have an entryway to my house.  Why is that great you ask?  Because I have a front entryway to decorate for Halloween of course!  In our old place we only had a door and we were lucky to get 5 kids trick or treating at our house.

This year was wonderfully different.  I decided to go with a monster theme for our entryway.  I ran across this DIY cardboard haunted house on Pinterest and, due to the fact we had just moved in, I had a ton of cardboard boxes.  Perfect for making monsters!  I painted two monsters for the entryway.

Next, I put up some lights.  I added a little bit of fur (from a boa--and I wish I would have had enough to go around the whole door) and a snake-like monster I made from an old witch nylon I wasn't going to use anymore.

I stuck a monster above the black light (I had a left over puppet that I made last year and tweaked it to be a monster).

I felt like something was missing until I stumbled across this idea of putting beach ball eyeballs in your trees.  I didn't have any trees big enough for that, but I did have styrofoam balls and felt.  I made little eyes to go around the door.

I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.  Can you see the little monsters I painted?  My brother was borrowing my nice black light so I couldn't get a picture, but they glow in the black light as well.

If you paint anything with glow in the dark or fluorescent paint I would suggest doing it on something white.  It would be fun to try doing it on foam boards that kids use for school projects.  I think the foam would be sturdier too so your monsters (or whatever you make) would stand up a little better than mine did.  Let me know how your projects turn out.

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