Friday, January 25, 2013

Frog Prince Preschool Lesson

Many of my preschool lessons were created to help kids know the basic parts of a story--title, author, setting, etc.  This lesson plan focuses on characters.  We briefly discussed what a character is.  To help the kids fully grasp the concept, I put on a puppet show using the movable mouth puppets I made for Princess.

I wrote the script for a little puppet show about a Prince who was turned into a frog by a Witch.  He seeks help from a Wizard, but the Wizard can't help.  He starts to cry when a Princess happens by the pond.  She sits down to have a picnic, but there are too many bugs.  The Frog Prince eats the bugs and the Princess gives him a kiss for his kindness.  He is turned back into a Prince and they live happily ever after.

There were parts of the puppet show that I made sure kept the kids involved.  I had them respond, wave, and look up and down.  When the puppet show was over I asked the kids to name all of the characters.  We talked about which ones they liked best.

I then made a template for the kids to make their own finger puppet characters.  I told them that their characters could be anything they wanted them to be.  I had an example of a bear and a princess.

Most kids followed my examples, but some of them got more creative.  They had a blast running around my house and having their own puppet shows.

This lesson was a hit--especially the puppet show.  In fact, the kids liked the puppet show so much they made me do it again for their moms when they came to pick the kids up.

For homework I assigned the kids to make up a puppet show with their new characters for their families and to discuss in detail the attributes of their characters.

If you don't have movable mouth puppets try sock puppets or paper bag puppets!

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