Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Polar Express Ride

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Due to the Christmas season I've been a little MIA with my blogging.  That doesn't mean I haven't been pinning.  Oh no!  Thanks to Pinterest we did many fun Christmas activities.  Tonight I'm going to share with you our Polar Express activity.  I came across the idea to take my kids on our own family Polar Express Ride on Pinterest.  

On Monday night the week before Christmas I showed my kids the movie Polar Express for the first time.  After the movie we had hot chocolate.  It was fun, but nothing compared to what I had prepared for the next day.

Tuesday night the kids got ready for bed as usual.  When Princess was climbing into bed she found a ticket with her name on it that said "Polar Express 2012: Admit One."  She said, "Mom, what does that mean?"  I replied, "It means you have a ticket to ride the Polar Express and we are going tonight!  Go put on your shoes!"  

Screaming with joy, Princess ran downstairs and put on her shoes and a coat.  

The excitement in the air was electrifying.

Conductor Daddy hole punched their tickets, I blew a train whistle, and away we went.  We listened to The Polar Express soundtrack in the car on the way to see the lights.

We up to Thanksgiving Point to see their Holiday light display.

I loved that there was a nativity scene as you left the light display.

Once we got home, the girls were each given a bell from Santa's sleigh.

They rang the bells over and over.

Can you hear it?  Do you believe?

I have never seen my kids so excited for a family outing before.  We had a blast!  It will be a permanent family tradition each Christmas.

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