Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ugly Duckling Preschool Lesson

This preschool lesson was a hit with the kids.  It teaches about bullying, similarities and differences, counting to 10, colors, and ended with a large motor skills game.

Here are the things you'll need for this lesson: The Ugly Duckling story book, a tub full of water, and 10 rubber ducks of different sizes, colors, etc.

We started by reading the story of The Ugly Duckling.  We talked about bullying: what it is, why people bully, and how to react to a bully.

After our discussion we went outside.  The kids found a tub full of water and 10 rubber ducks.

I found these rubber ducks at Walmart after Halloween.  They were different colors and wore different costumes.  The kids counted the ducks to see how many were in the tub.  Then, we talked about the similarities and differences.  I asked them questions like: How many ducks are red?  How many ducks are dressed like a pumpkin?  How many ducks have orange beaks?

Once the discussion was over I gave each of the kids a rubber duck and we played Ugly Duckling Tag.  I made it up myself.  Here's how you play.  Pick one person to be it.  They are the "ugly duckling."  That person then tags someone else with their rubber duck and that person becomes the new ugly duckling.  Play until the kids are tired.

The kids had a blast and they loved that I let them keep a rubber duck. (Only Princess refused to play because she didn't want her duckling to be called "ugly."  Silly girl.)  After they got tired of the game the kids had fun playing with their ducks in the tub of water.  Some of them even used their ducks to water the trees around the yard.

Happy teaching!

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