Friday, February 8, 2013

Heart Attack!

While Princess was at preschool I thought it would be a perfect time to heart attack her bedroom.  I cut out hearts of different colors and sizes, attached them to some yarn, and hung them from the ceiling.  I also stuck a few randomly around on the walls.

I hid in her bedroom and waited.  Here's her expression when she walked in:


She couldn't stop looking around.

I think she liked it.

Just a few more shots of the ceiling.

And the walls.  You could always add more hearts to the ceiling.  Or you could make some heart curtains.  Maybe you want to write one thing you love about your child each day and put that heart on the door.  There are so many fun options.

I intentionally put a few hearts down low so that Goofy could rearrange them the way she wanted.

She was pretty excited about it.  Some of the hearts even made it into my bedroom.

You don't have to be fancy.  Just let your child know you love them this Valentine's Day.  Nothing is better than simply saying, "I love you."

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