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Mission Impossible Spy Training Activity

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Welcome to spy training 101.  I am Agent Treble and I will be guiding you through this activity so that you can have an exciting night of spy-themed fun with your entire family.

We started the night off at the spy recruiting area.  All recruits were asked to wear black for this activity.  At the recruiting area each spy chose their new code-name.  We can't give away our true identities after all.

The recruits consisted of Boris, Natasha, Goofy, Ima Get-u, Bud, Higgs, Princess, Schneeder, Oliva Schnubs, and Chester.

Challenge #1: Laser Training 

I bought the brightest red yarn I could find, taped it to the wall, and set up the black light.

With that black light on they looked like real lasers.

The goal was to get through the lasers without touching.  If you made it all the way through without getting singed you earned 10 points.  For every laser you touched you lost a point.  Most of us ended this challenge in the negative point range.

We slithered and dodged...

Wriggled and stepped...

But only Princess made it through unscathed and earned the full 10 points.  She was super proud of herself.

Challenge #2: Target Practice

Each recruit was then given a pistol.  (I bought the Nerf guns in advance, and the recruits reimbursed me at end of the activity.)  I gave them each three practice shots.  Then they each took three shots that counted toward their score.

The red target was worth 5 points, yellow was 3 points, white was 2 points, and everything else was 1 point.

Ready, aim, fire!

We had two people near the targets to judge where the bullets hit.

It surprised me how much fun the kids had shooting the guns.

Doesn't look like we were doing very well does it?  Only two recruits hit the 2 point target.  No one hit the 3 or 5 pointers when it counted.

Challenge #3: Last Man Standing
The rules are simple: Be the last man alive.  We turned off all of the lights in the house, had 30 seconds to get situated, and the game began.

Points were awarded like this:
First person out 1 point
Second person out 2 points
Third person out 3 points
And so on

Once you were out you had to announce you were out and sit down in the recruiting area.

The longer you stayed alive, the more points you earned.  Some of the recruits formed alliances.  Others stayed hidden until people came looking for them.

By the end of the night all of the recruits were awarded the title "Agent."  Awards were given to the people who got the most overall points (Life Savers because they would be the one most likely to save you in the heat of battle), the most points in the shooting range (Hot Tomales for being the "hot shot"), made it through the lasers without touching (Air Head extremes for making it through such an "extreme" situation), and for the least amount of points (Milk Duds for being the biggest "Dud").

After the activities we watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (currently on Netflix by the way).

Your mission--if you choose to accept it--is to have a family spy training activity of your own.  This is Agent Treble signing off.

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