Monday, February 25, 2013

Sight Word Caterpillar

This year in preschool we started giving the kids sight words each week.  We put one sight word on a segment of a caterpillar's body.  As the kids learned more words, the caterpillar grew.

Here is Princess' caterpillar so far.  Having the sight words in a visible place where she can practice really helps.  She is already starting to read easy books.  Thanks to her teachers for pushing her!

Here is a list of the words Princess has been learning in case you'd like to make a caterpillar of your own:
it, is, in, here, I, to, the, on, not, we, me, and, my, yes, for, he, go, up, look, down, red, see, blue

We are only a little over half way through this year, so there will be even more words down the road.  (I will update the list at the end of the preschool year.)

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