Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Heart Countdown

Princess has asked me, "Is Valentine's Day tomorrow?" every day this week.  I decided that instead of telling her over and over again when Valentine's Day is, we would make a countdown for her room.

All you need is a heart, as many strips of paper as there are days left to Valentine's day, and a stapler.

We liked the idea of making a chain of hearts out of paper, but I modified it so that she could take one heart off of her chain each day without ruining the others.  Just fold a strip of paper in half, staple it at the fold.  Then create the heart shape and staple the heart chain link at the bottom.

Princess held the paper together at the bottom while I stapled.

Goofy didn't want to miss out on the fun, so I gave her a heart to color.

Once our heart links were made I let Princess decorate with crayons and stickers.

All done!

I let her choose where she wanted to hang it in her bedroom.

Time to remove one of the heart links.

She is sad that it is not on the countdown chain anymore.  Silly girl.

This was a very simple, cheap project and now Princess doesn't ask me when Valentine's Day is anymore.  Win-win all around.

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