Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Play Dough

As Valentine's Day quickly approaches, I decided it was time to get in the spirit.  So, each day leading up to Valentine's Day we will try to do something festive.  Yesterday's project: Valentine's Play Dough.

There are so many fun play dough recipes on Pinterest.  I decided to try the recipe for Jell-o Play Dough.  (FYI, this link will take you to a site that is dedicated to play dough.)

Princess helped me make the play dough.  We lined up all of the ingredients.

In goes the Jell-O.  We chose to use strawberry.  It left a nice, strawberry scent in the play dough.

Mix, mix, mix.  Once all of the ingredients are mixed together, you stick it on the stove and stir constantly until it form one solid lump.

Here it is cooling after coming out of the pan.

Once it was cool enough to handle, we kneaded it (add a little extra flour if it feels too wet).  Then, it was time to add glitter for a little extra pizzazz.  We used red, silver, and gold.

Time to knead in that glitter!  Once it was done it looked and smelled so pretty.

Ooh!  Glittery.  Now for some fun.

We used heart, flower, number, and letter cookie cutters.

Princess and Goofy played with it for a full hour (and would have played with it longer if I had let them).

There were many tears when I announced it was time to put the Valentine's Play Dough away.

We LOVED this play dough and will definitely use this recipe again.  Imagine all of the different scents, colors, and glitter combos you can use!

Valentine's Play Dough Recipe
1 c white flour
2 T salt
2 T cream of tartar
2 T cooking oil
1 c warm water
3 oz. pkg. Jell-O

Add all ingredients together in a big mixing bowl.  Mix until consistent.  Pour into a pan on the stove and stir continuously.  Wait for it to thicken into a big ball and then place it on wax paper to cool.  Knead it for a few minutes once cooled with flour.  Add any food coloring or glitter to spice it up.  Start playing!

Be careful because Jell-O play dough can burn easily.  Cook it on low stirring constantly.  If you store it in an airtight container and refrigerate it, you can keep it for quite a few days.

Here are some links to other play dough recipes from Pinterest.  Give one a try and let me know how it goes.

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