Saturday, March 2, 2013

15 Egg Dyeing Techniques

Easter is coming fast.  Time to whip out your hard boiled eggs and get dyeing.  Are you getting tired of doing the same thing every year?  I'm here to help.  Here's a great list of egg dyeing ideas for you try this year:

#1. Cotton Pad Eggs - We tried this one out and I LOVE the result!

Isn't it pretty?

#2. Rubber Band Eggs

My brother's rubber band wrapped egg.

Here's the finished egg.  Too cool!

#3. Decorate with craft diamonds/pearls/ribbons


#4. Draw faces with sharpie markers or white crayons.

#5. Use a Q-tip for a marbled effect.

#6. Tie-dye your egg

#7. Use a silk tie to dye your egg (I haven't tried this, but my sis-in-law did and their eggs looked amazing!)

#8. Mod Podge and Glitter Eggs

#9. Glue Dots and Glitter Eggs

#10. Shaving Cream Eggs (I plan to try this one this year.  It looks really neat.)

#11. Glowing Eggs

#12. Koolaid Eggs (A different way to dye using something other that the store bought dyes.)

#13. Leaf Print Eggs

#14. Chinese Tea Eggs

#15. Chalkboard Paint Eggs

What technique will you try this Easter?

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