Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Sweet Smelling Sacrifice - Walking Where Jesus Walked Day 4

*We have been talking about what Jesus did the last week of his life before he was resurrected.

Day 4 - A Sweet Smelling Sacrifice.

On our table we had many different scented perfumes, lotions, and hand sanitizers.

We read the card above.  You can print out your own set of these free Easter Printables that tell you about the last week of Jesus' earthly life.  They are so easy for young kids to understand.

Hubby reading the card to the kids.  We talked about the woman that put perfume on Christ's feet and washed them with her hair.  I explained it was a sign of respect for Jesus to show Him how much she loved Him.

I let the kids smell the different perfumes we had sitting on the table.  We talked about doing things for each other that show Jesus how much we love him.

After our discussion, the kids got to pick out a hand sanitizer of their own.  I explained that just like the perfume the woman put on Jesus' feet, the hand sanitizer smelled good and would wash their hands clean.  The kids were pretty excited to get their own bottle.

Walk Where Jesus Walked
(Easter Week Activities)

Day 4 - A Sweet Smelling Sacrifice

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