Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cleansing the Temple - Walking Where Jesus Walked Day 2

*This week we will be walking where Jesus walked the last week of his life on Earth.  Join us!

Day 2 - Cleansing the Temple.  Here is the display table for the day.

On the table were some gold coins and a whip.  My husband had fun demonstrating how the whip worked.  

I showed the girls the pictures of some temples.

We read the card above together.

We talked about the importance of the temple and why it made Jesus angry that people were selling things at the temple.  I explained the temples are sacred and houses of the Lord.  They are meant for worship.  They should be clean and treated with respect.

Our own homes should be clean and invite the Spirit.  We worked together to clean our house.

What a good helper.  Princess sang "Cleaning the house is fun to do" as she put away the toys.

Bud watching everyone clean.

Goofy putting Cinderella away.  (Note: I wanted to take the kids to see the nearest temple, but I have been sick.  I think it would have a great impact on the kids to see the temple, take pictures in front of it, or have a picnic nearby.)

Together we watched this video of Jesus Cleansing the Temple.  Go to the following link for a great list of videos to watch with your family this Easter from Our Busy Homeschool.

Walk Where Jesus Walked
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Day 2 - Cleansing the Temple

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