Saturday, March 2, 2013

Density Science Experiment

I love science!  It's important for kids to ask questions about their world and experiment.  For this preschool activity I had 5 different liquids separated into cups: water, vegetable oil, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, honey.  I dyed them different colors to make it easier to see how they separated.

I handed out a paper that had two different vases on it.  One asked the kids to color what they thought would happen.  In the other vase they were supposed to draw what actually happened.

Here was one of the finished papers.  (I love the little flowers in the vase for her guess on what would happen.)

The colors didn't separate as well as I would have liked.  Perhaps I didn't let it settle long enough.  The only colors the kids could see were yellow, black, and orange.  It worked out okay though because I used this experiment for a Halloween activity (so the colors were perfect).

I got the idea to do this density experiment from the pin I found of the Steve Spangler Science site. This site is FABULOUS for science experiments for kids.  I spent hours looking at the videos of his experiments and browsing the site.  If you need a science fair project or are just looking for something fun to do with your kids this is the place to go.

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