Sunday, March 17, 2013

Don't Eat Lucky - St. Patrick's Day Game

I saw this fun Don't Eat Lucky Game on Pinterest and knew I wanted to play it with my family for St. Patrick's Day.

All ready to play.  The rules are simple.  One person leaves the room.  Everyone else picks a picture on the board to be "Lucky."  You call back the person who left and they get to try to eat all of the candy on the board.  If they choose "Lucky" everyone calls out, "Don't eat Lucky!"  Then the person who went out has to stop eating the candies.

Daddy trying not to eat "Lucky."

Princess would very carefully pick up each mint chocolate chip.  She jumped the first time we yelled, "Don't eat Lucky!"

Goofy didn't quite understand the game.  She just wanted the candy.  If we got caught eating Lucky we would share Lucky with Goofy.

We all won once.  It was lots of fun.

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