Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Farmer in the Dell Lesson

Main Concepts of this Lesson: Position word "beside" and basic patterns.

Song and Dramatic Play:
I started the lesson by teaching the kids the words to the song "The Farmer in the Dell."  We sang it through a couple of times.  Then we acted it out where one kid is the farmer and picks a wife and she picks a baby, etc.

Position Word "Beside:"
I then gave each kid a different character from The Farmer in the Dell with a piece of tape on the back.  They put their characters wherever they wanted on the board.  I then asked them where the characters were in relation to each other.  I especially focused on "Beside."  Who is beside the cat? Who is beside the cheese?

Basic Patterns/Fine Motor Skills:
I cut out multiple pictures of each character from The Farmer in the Dell.  We discussed different pattern types (ABA, AAB, ABB, etc.)  The kids created their own patterns using the different characters.  They were required to make types ABA and AAB.  Then, they could create their own pattern.  They glued the characters to a sheet of paper to take home.

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