Sunday, April 7, 2013

General Conference Corners

Conference Corners - This game is a variation of 4 corners.  I used to love this game in elementary school.

Setup - All you need are 4 cups, 4 different treats, a straw, tape, and words/pictures that you want the kids to listen for.  I followed the directions from this site to set up the Snack Cups.  You simply pour your treats into the cups, cut out your word/picture, tape it to a straw, and tape the straw to your cup.  This was a big improvement from our General Conference Snack Bowls last session.  Having the picture along with the word helped Goofy a lot.

How to Play - Put your cups in four opposite corners of the room.

Tell the kids to listen for the different words you have chosen.  Whenever they hear a word they get to take a candy from the correct cup.

Mmm!  Candy!  My girls loved this game.  They completely drained the "love" cup during the Saturday morning session of conference.

What do you do to help your kids listen during general conference?

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