Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kid Exercise/Action Cards

Kids love to move.  I remember when I was little I would invite the neighbor kids over to my house to do my parents' Jane Fonda exercise video with me.  We bounced with the best of them and had a great time.

Some mornings I go to the gym.  To my kids it is a mysterious place--I put on my tennis shoes, walk out the door, and when I come back my face is as red as my hair.  But I'll admit I don't exercise with my kids very much.  It is time to change that.

I printed off 3 different sets of action cards: animal (I made these), ABC (link to printable below), and Backyardigan (link to printable below as well).  These will be a great preschool/toddler resource!

Animal Action Cards

I made these animal action cards for my kids.  I can't figure out how to make them into a printable (I'll have to ask my hubby how to do that), but here's the list of actions for you:

Animal Action Cards:
Swim like a fish
Stretch like a cat
Chase your tail like a dog
Pretend to be an elephant
Roll like a pill bug
Run like a cheetah
Flap like a bird
Do the crab walk
Do the spider walk
Hop like a bunny
Jump like a kangaroo
Slither like a snake
Waddle like a duck
Pretend to be a monkey
Gallop like a horse

You can type them up, add some free clip art, and print them out for your kids.  Print them on cardstock or laminate them if you want them to be sturdier.

Princess was super excited to try the actions on the cards.  I turned on some Disney music and the kids went to town exercising.  

Getting ready to roll like a pill bug.  

Roll, roll, roll.

Two slithery snakes.  

Do the crab walk.

These cards would be great for a preschool unit on animals.  Work those large motor skills!

ABC Action Cards

I found these cute ABC action cards online at Homeschool Share.  You can go straight to the ABC action cards printable HERE.  

Aren't they cute?  

Such great balance.

Dance!  This was Goofy's favorite card.

Jump Over some pillows.  

Can you tell that she's having fun?

Lift your legs.

These cards would be great for teaching toddlers or preschoolers the alphabet.  Do the action for each letter you teach.  At the end of the unit do all of the actions together.  

Backyardigan Action Cards

I admit that my kids have never seen The Backyardigans, but these cards are super cute.  

I love the bright colors.  You can print these exercise cards here at Nick Jr.


Princess is waving to the stars.  

Bug Action Cards
There are some Bug Action Cards if you are doing a preschool unit on bugs.  I didn't have enough ink left in my printer, but you can print them off here.  They are super cute!

The kids had so much fun exercising together.  They have pulled the cards out to exercise every morning since I printed them off.

Teaching my kids to exercise is so important.  (I don't know why I've put it off so long.)  I hope I have inspired you to involve your kids in exercising and living a healthy lifestyle.  What's your favorite movement activity to do with your kids?  Share in the comments.  I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Awesome! I need these. One way to make them a printable is to just upload the file as a jpg image. Or there are some sites you can upload to, and then have people download from there. I definitely want them though!

  2. hi, thanks for sharing it. I think they are great, the only thing is that I cant find The Backyardigans,is there any other way to get them?

    1. Hi! Click the Nick Jr. link above and it should take you right to them.

  3. These are perfect, thank you for sharing! Always appreciated : )

  4. I came up with my own action cards last year but I really like the animal card idea. I was unable to find the link to print them off though. I am really intersted in these for my class. Thank you. :)

  5. The Backyardigan cards are no longer available via the link you provided. Any chance you could email them to me? ms_mercado@hotmailcom

  6. if you have child at home and don't play much then here you could find out the spin bikes,

  7. I am also interested in the Backyardigan cards. Is it possible to email them to me? Thanks so much.