Monday, April 1, 2013

Light in the Darkness - Walk Where Jesus Walked Day 7

*Join us this Easter week as we walk where Jesus walked.

Day 7 - Light in the Darkness (Jesus in the Tomb)

Saturday night we gathered at the display table...

And read the card for the day.  (Get your own set of free Easter Cards here.)

Here's what it said.

We talked about how Jesus' friends took his body and put it in a tomb.  It was a sad time for everyone who loved Jesus.

We took the picture of Jesus off of the crosses that we made for Good Friday.

We then made tombs out of Styrofoam plates.  (I found the idea to make Paper Plate Tombs here.)  Everything was very simple.  We cut the plates in half, cut a doorway out of one of the halves, and taped the plates together.

The kids put their pictures of Jesus inside their tombs.

The kids ripped brown papers into strips.

We rolled up a piece of gray card stock to make a stone to cover the entryway to the tomb.  *Tip - get the card stock wet.  It will be easier to crunch into a ball and will be nice and firm when it dries again.

We taped the paper strips onto the tomb and cut off the excess.

We drew lines to make them look more like bricks.

The tombs were set back on the display table with Jesus inside and the stones covering the doorway.

Here's a video for you to watch with your family of Jesus being laid in the tomb.

Walk Where Jesus Walked
(Easter Week Activities)

Day 7 - Light in the Darkness

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