Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wiggly Eye Drawing

My poor kiddos have been sick with colds today.  I swear colds are the worst.  The runny noses, the tissues strewn all over the house, the watery eyes...

I gave each of the kids a blanket, pillow, doll/bottle, tissues, and a garbage can to throw them in.  They snuggled down to watch a movie.  But I didn't want them watching movies all day.  So while they watched Tangled I flipped through my pins and found a very simple idea that proved to be lots of fun.

I gave each child two wiggly eyes, a piece of paper, and something to color with.  Goofy was pretty excited.

I let the kids put the eyes anywhere they wanted to on their pieces of paper and then they drew whatever they wanted.

Princess made a talking flower.

Goofy wanted me to draw shapes all over her paper so she could color them.  This turned into a game we played together called "What else could this shape be?"

Princess' finished flower.

What a fun, cheap activity you can do any sick day, rainy day, or whenever your kids get the urge to draw!

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