Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Holy Ghost FHE Lesson

Yesterday was Monday which means family home evening!  I taught Chapter 7 - The Holy Ghost from the gospel principles manual.

I started off the lesson by asking the kids what happens after they are baptized and when they are confirmed.  Princess knew the answer right away (a tribute to her good primary teachers).  We receive the gift of the holy ghost by men with the proper priesthood authority.

I then explained who the Holy Ghost is and what his mission is on earth.  I told the kids he is the third member of the Godhead.  He is one in purpose with God and Jesus Christ.  He proclaims the truth and testifies of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Ghost seems to be the hardest member of the Godhead to understand for lots of people.  I sat down at the piano and played the song The Holy Ghost from the Primary Children's Songbook (p 105).  While I played I said, "If anyone can hear me raise your hand."  Everyone raised their hand.  I then explained that the Holy Ghost works somewhat like me playing the piano. I am at the piano--I can only be in one place at a time.  But my influence can be felt everywhere when people are ready to receive it.

We then discussed some of the things we can do to prepare ourselves to feel the Holy Ghost (share, obey parents, read scriptures, pray, go to church, etc.).

Tooth Brushing Analogy
I then shared a small analogy with the kids.  I call it the tooth brushing analogy.  I asked the kids, "Why do we brush our teeth everyday?"  Princess responded, "So we don't get holes in our teeth."  I explained that if we don't brush our teeth they are not clean and can become yellow, or even brown, and we can get cavities.  If we didn't brush our teeth they wouldn't be strong.

To help them visualize this analogy I pulled some chocolate fudge frosting out of the refrigerator.  I asked them to show me their teeth.

Then I rubbed the fudge all over their teeth.  I took before and after pictures so they could see the difference.

It was tricky to get a before and after picture of Goofy because she kept licking the frosting off of her teeth.

It is lots easier to see Princess' teeth.  I explained that we must try to live worthy to have the Holy Ghost in our lives.  When we do we are clean inside and the spirit can be with us, but if we don't live righteously we will be dark inside and the spirit cannot be with us.

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  1. So grateful for this lesson plan. I look forward to using many of your ideas tonight with my husband and 4 year old daughter. I love the idea of using the Gospel Principles manual for FHE lessons.

    1. I hope your daughter loved the Holy Ghost lesson. It is one of my kids' favorites! The Gospel Principles Manual is such a great place to start with young children. Thanks for the comment.