Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Praying to Our Heavenly Father - FHE Lesson

Some Mondays the lessons are super quick, but amazingly effective.  The lesson was on Chapter 8 in the Gospel Principles Manual - Praying to Our Heavenly Father.

We briefly touched on the 5 different main points of the chapter:
  1. What Is Prayer?
  2. Why Do We Pray?
  3. When Should We Pray?
  4. How Should We Pray?
  5. How Are Prayers Answered?
When we asked the kids when should we pray they gave answers like: at dinner, before bed, in the morning, etc.  I gave them a couple of scenarios and asked them in each scenario if they could pray.  We explained that they can pray anytime!  Princess really seemed to grasp the concept.  I asked Goofy, "Can we pray anytime?" and she kept answering, "No."  Then, I'd say, "Yes, we can pray anytime!"  I still don't know if she really understood, but we will keep working on it.  

We had Princess demonstrate to the family how we should pray.  She did a great job kneeling, folding her arms, bowing her head, and closing her eyes.  Then, we all knelt down reverently as a family.  This was good practice for Goofy.  

I pulled out a cute printable made by Confessions of a Slacker mom.  It is pictured above.  You can click HERE to print your own.  (Notice the actual printable is blue.  The blue ink in our printer was empty, so ours turned out red.)  I put the printable in a picture frame.  As a family our focus this week is on making our prayers meaningful each day.  We write something new we want to pray for each day.  

*Note: We have been praying for something new each day for a week now.  It has been fun to see how much more heartfelt and meaningful my kids' prayers are becoming!

Here are more family home evening lessons from the gospel principles manual:  
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  1. This is something we need to work on as well! Some of the kids have a hard time being reverent, and their prayers often become repetitive.

    1. It is so easy to fall into that repetition when you pray! I realized my own prayers have been pretty similar lately, so this has been a really good reminder for me.