Monday, July 15, 2013

Prophets of God - FHE Lesson

Do you remember what the prophet taught last General Conference?  I'll admit I didn't remember as much as I should.  This lesson gave me a chance to re-read the conference talks.

I started the lesson by asking my kids, "What is a prophet?  Why is he important?  What does he do?"  After they gave their answers I explained that prophet is the mouthpiece of the Lord on earth.  He tells us what the Lord wants us to know and do.

We have had many prophets, both ancient and modern, that have given us very important counsel and guidance.  I told the kids we were going to go visit a few of the prophets we had recently read about in the Book of Mormon to remember what they taught us.

First, we started with Lehi and Nephi.  I asked Princess what was going on in the picture.  She told me that Nephi was going on a boat to the promised land.  I explained that Lehi had to have a lot of faith in the Lord to leave his home and money and go into the wilderness.  Nephi had to have a lot of faith to build the boat.

For our activity at this station we made paper boats.  We followed THESE directions in order to make them.

Then, we sailed our boats to the promised land.

Next, we visited Enos.  His story teaches us about prayer, repentance, and forgiveness.

As a family we decided what/who we wanted to pray for the next day and marked our prayer printable from our prayer family home evening lesson the week before.

Next, it was time to listen to King Benjamin.

We pitched our tent.

The kids waited excitedly for King Benjamin to come to his "tower."

King Benjamin came and taught them about service and the Savior's birth, death, and resurrection.  He held up pictures while he taught.  (King Benjamin was such a good sport.)

After King Benjamin finished his message we were off to visit Abinadi.  We are currently reading about him in our family Book of Mormon study.

We talked about Abinadi and how he bravely stood before King Noah.

I took some chains and "bound" the girls' arms.

They were excited to be like Abinadi.

I explained that Abinadi taught the 10 commandments.  We reviewed them.  In order to be free of their chains they had to tell me one of the commandments they had just learned.

Finally, we talked about our living prophet President Monson.

I read the story he told in the last General Conference about wanting to build a fire, taking the matches, starting a fire, and nearly burning down Vivian Park.  You can find that talk HERE.  We discussed obedience and why it is important.

We were going to light some fireworks as a grand finale, but then we realized it was too many days after the 4th.  So, considering what we just learned from President Monson, we thought we'd better obey the law and wait to light our fireworks on the 24th instead.

But, here is a picture of a fountain from the 4th of July so you get what I intended the final effect to be.  Ta-da!

This lesson was one of my kids' favorites by far.

Here are the family home evening lessons we have covered this year:
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  1. Kristen, this is awesome! I think you fit a month's worth of FHE lessons at our house into one night at your house! You are incredible! I love it! And nice work, King Benjamin :)

  2. You have got to be the best mom ever!! I'll be using this idea for sure!

    1. Thanks Adelina. You will have to let me know what your kids think of it. My kids especially liked being Abinadi. They wanted to be put in the chains the following day.