Thursday, August 15, 2013

Harry Potter Party - Platform 9 3/4

Before the party guests could enter Hogwarts, they each had to walk through platform 9 3/4.  My sister and I painted a shower curtain I found at the dollar store with red, acrylic paint.  We let it dry, hung it up, and viola!  

Some student left their poor owl outside the platform.  The owl was super easy to make.  Just use brown fleece or felt, create you owl shape, and sew along the outline (leaving a hole in the bottom).  Turn the owl inside out.  Add facial features with felt and tacky glue.  Stuff with batting, hand sew the bottom closed, and admire your cute owl.  

Click HERE to get this Hogwarts Express sign from My Cotton Creations.  It added a nice touch.

What a fun way to enter the party!

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