Monday, August 26, 2013

The Life of Christ FHE Lesson

Our lesson for family home evening this week come from the Gospel Principles manual.  We talked about chapter 10: The Life of Christ.

It was Goofy's turn to help me teach the lesson.

I set up a clothesline with 10 equally-spaced clothespins in the kitchen.

I gave Goofy a picture of Christ and we talked about what was happening in his life during the picture.

After explaining the picture we would all repeat a short saying that went along with the picture.  For example, with this picture we said, "Jesus was baptized."

Goofy then, with mommy's help, put the picture on the clothesline.

You can tell the Goofy really loved being mommy's helper.

Here's how Bud participates in FHE.

We had a wonderful time talking about the life of our Savior.

These are the parts of Jesus' life that we talked about:
"Jesus was born" - Picture of nativity
"Jesus was baptized" - Picture of Jesus being baptized
"Jesus called apostles" - Picture of Jesus ordaining apostles
"Jesus taught the people" - Picture of Jesus giving the sermon on the mount
"Jesus worked miracles" - Picture of Jesus calming the storm
"Jesus raised the dead" - Picture of Jesus healing Jarius's daughter
"Jesus blessed the sacrament" - Picture of the last supper
"Jesus bled for our sins" - Picture of Jesus in Gethsemane
"Jesus died for us" - Picture of Jesus on the cross
"Jesus lives" - Picture of the resurrected Jesus

Need an FHE idea this week?  Here are the other lessons we've covered from the Gospel Principles Manual:
  1. Our Heavenly Father - There is a God
  2. Our Heavenly Father Part 2 - The Nature of God
  3. Our Heavenly Family
  4. Jesus Christ, Our Chosen Lord and Savior - Premortal Life
  5. Freedom to Choose - Agency
  6. The Creation
  7. The Fall of Adam and Eve (We showed a picture of Adam and Eve.  Then, we talked about the fall and what it means to us today.)
  8. The Holy Ghost
  9. Praying to Our Heavenly Father 
  10. Prophets of God
  11. Scriptures
  12. The Life of Christ
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  1. I've been trying to comment but it's not showing up so if this is a repeat, I'm sorry. I just wanted to thank you for this idea. We will be doing it tonight for our FHE.

    1. I hope your family enjoys the lesson. :)