Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Littlest Pumpkin Lesson

With Halloween just around the corner, it is time to get into the spirit with the preschoolers.  This lesson is full of great math concepts such as counting, reading dice, and size comparisons.  

Things you'll need for this lesson:
-The Littlest Pumpkin book by R.A. Herman and Betina Ogden
-Foam pumpkins
-Build your own jack 'o lantern game board and pieces

I read The Littlest Pumpkin to the preschool kids.  You could use this book to teach size comparison.  As you read you could ask which pumpkin is the tallest, skinniest, roundest, etc.  There are so many possibilities!

Art/Fine Motor Skills:
After reading the book I gave each child their own "Littlest Pumpkin" to decorate with stickers.  The kids had lots of fun showing me their finished pumpkins.  Using stickers is a great way to help kids with their fine motor skills.

Math Game:
We played a game called Build Your Own Jack 'o Lantern.  I gave each kid a board.  On the board it said you had to roll a 1 to get your pumpkin's body.  Then you roll a 2 for eyes, 3 for nose, and so on.  Whoever created their pumpkin first won.  It gave the kids a great opportunity to practice counting, reading dice,and good sportsmanship.

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