Friday, September 20, 2013

Sandcastle Cake

Princess had an under the sea birthday party for her 5th birthday.  I thought a sandcastle cake would be perfect.

I am not a professional cake decorator to say the least.  I like simple cakes and this cake was super easy to make.  I baked two 9" circular cakes, frosted, and stacked them.  Then, I dug out a hole for the door and two littler ones on the sides for windows.  When my husband saw the cuts he asked, "What happened to the cake?"  My kids said it looked like someone took bites out of the cake.

I used my favorite vanilla butter frosting (you can find the recipe HERE) to frost the cake.

To make the sand I used vanilla and chocolate sandwich cookies.  I used two rows of vanilla cookies and five chocolate cookies.  I put them in the blender and crushed them down to little bits.

Once I frosted the cake I patted the "sand" onto the frosted areas.  I decorated with chocolate rocks, a couple of sea shells (not edible), a flag, and a candle.

I made cupcakes for the kids at the party as well.

This cake is one of the best I have ever made.  (I am a little proud of it.)  It turned out exactly how I imagined it would.

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  1. Oh so cute!! Nice job Kristen!! You are such a sweet little momma!!

  2. And it is amazing! I want to make one just so I can eat it. I need to remember the next time we have a birthday to call you up. Seriously, it's party day here and I am not prepared at all.