Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A is for Apple Preschool Lesson

I have decided to do a letter lesson with Goofy while Princess is at preschool.  Goofy is only two years old, so the lessons are short, but she loves them.  Each letter lesson has a food associated with it as well as an activity.  Here's my basic lesson plan for the letter A.  Enjoy!

A is for Apple
Letter of the Day: A
Color of the Day: Red
Number of the Day: 0

Letter Sound Practice:
I introduced Goofy to the letter A.  We talked about the sound it makes.  I said, "A says a (short a sound) like apple."  We repeated it together a couple of times.

Writing Practice:
I dished up a bowl of applesauce.  Using her pointer finger, Goofy and I drew a capital A together in the applesauce while saying, "Down, down, across."  We did this a couple times.  I feel the sensory aspect makes the writing even more memorable.

When we were done writing, I put a scoop of ice cream on her applesauce and let her eat it.  Who doesn't love applesauce a la mode?

Number 0:
I showed Goofy the number 0.  I explained that it means there is nothing or everything is gone or empty.  For example, if I had three apples and ate them all, there would be zero apples left.

Food Activity:
I set up a painting station at the kitchen table.  After pulling an apple from the refrigerator, we talked about what color it was--red.

I cut the apple in half, handed it to her, and showed her how to make apple prints with paint.

Can you tell by her pink hands that she was having a great time?

She didn't want to stop stamping with apples.  I had to pry her away from the table when it was time to go pick up Princess.

Goofy loved her first letter lesson.

What other ways can you think of to teach the letter A?  What other apple activities have you done?

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  1. You are am amazing, wonderful, creative, fun learning