Monday, October 28, 2013

C is for Corn Preschool Lesson

Kids are so easy to please.  You don't have to do anything fancy to make them happy.  They just want to spend time with you.  These food-themed preschool lessons have not been super detailed.  They don't take a lot of work, but Goofy loves them and begs for more.

C is for Corn
Letter of the Day: C
Color of the Day: Yellow
Number of the Day: 2
Shape of the Day: Square

Letter Sounds Practice: I gave Goofy a Letter C Tracing Page (Twisty Noodle).  We talked about the hard C sound.  Apparently, at our house, C says "tuh" because Goofy still can't make the "kuh" sound.  We will keep working on it.  We practiced saying "C says 'kuh' like corn" over and over again.

Writing and Color Practice: Since our color of the day was yellow, I showed Goofy a yellow crayon.  Once she had identified the color, I had her practice tracing the letter C three times.  After that, I let her free write all over the page.

Number Practice: The number of the day was 2, so I had Goofy identify parts of her body that came in twos (e.g. eyes, ears, hands).

Shape Practice: Because it's almost Halloween, for shape practice we played Don't Eat Frank (get your printable at My Sister's Suitcase).  Before we started the game, I drew a square and had Goofy tell me what it was.  Then we found the squares on the Don't Eat Frank board.

After she found the squares, we played a few rounds of Don't Eat Frank.  Goofy mostly enjoyed eating the marshmallows right off the board.

Princess joined us, and was more than happy to participate in this game.  Whenever I shouted, "Don't eat Frank!" Princess' would jump and then laugh.

Food Activity: For the food activity, I showed the girls what a kernel of dried corn looked like.

I made sure to point out that the corn kernels were yellow.

We all headed over to the counter where I put the kernels in the corn popper.

I love watching a child's face when corn kernels start to pop.  Don't you?

Once we had a nice, big bowl of popcorn I sent the kids back to their letter C papers.  I gave them each a bottle of glue.  They applied the glue on each dash on the letter C page and stuck a piece of popped corn on top.

Goofy has surprised me with how well she can handle glue.

Fine motor practice at its finest.

This is Princess' page.  Once the kids were gluing putting popcorn on the letter C, I gave them their yellow crayon and let them draw things that are yellow.  Look at Princess' star, sun, corn kernel, flower, banana, and leaf.

Of course, the best thing about popcorn is eating it.  My kids liked it plain, but they LOVED it when I made them Halloween Caramel Popcorn (Fun Filled Flicks) out of the popped corn kernels.

Other Food-Themed Preschool Lessons:
What are some of your favorite letter or food activities?  Leave a comment.  I'd love to hear from you!

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