Thursday, December 12, 2013

E is for Eggnog Preschool Lesson

I am almost glad that I have been a little behind on Goofy's preschool lessons.  Why, you ask?  Because eggnog season hit right when I happened to need a letter E food for her lessons.  Eggnog on sale!  Very happy mommy!

Yes, I love eggnog.  (You couldn't tell by the gallon of eggnog in the picture?)  My entire family loves eggnog in fact.  That is a surprisingly rare feat I've learned.  An eggnog-loving family - incredible!

E is for Eggnog
Letter of the Day: E
Color of the Day: White
Number of the Day: 4
Shape of the Day: Heart

Letter Sound Practice: I drew an E on a plate full of snow using a medicine dropper and water dyed red.  We practiced saying, "E says 'eh' like eggnog."  Goofy got that down really quickly.

Writing and Color Practice: I pointed at the snow and asked Goofy if she knew what color it was.  She answered correctly with, "White!"  I then let her practice tracing over the top the E that I had written earlier using the medicine dropper and dyed water.  She had a blast!

After she had practiced writing the letter E a couple of times, I let Goofy go to town with the medicine dropper.  She loved turning the snow red.  You could do this outside, but we had just been outside in the snow, so Goofy was ready to come inside.

Number Practice: I drew the number 4 for Goofy.  We identified it and counted out 4 on our fingers.  Then, we found Christmas things that we had 4 of around the house.  In the picture she is counting my 4 blocks that spell "Give."  You could look for 4 Santas, snowmen, penguins, candy canes, etc.  You don't even have to go with a Christmas theme.

Shape Practice: Goofy already knows what hearts look like, so we just made hearts with our hands.  You could make Toilet Paper Heart Art or Paper Heart Chains.

Food Activity: Our food activity was very simple - eggnog tasting!  I mentioned that the eggnog is white just like the color we were learning earlier.

Eggnog mustache!  Goofy loved every minute of this lesson, and I love to make her smile.

Here's is some more food-themed preschool fun for you:
Do you like eggnog?  Do you have a favorite eggnog recipe?  

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