Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Painted Christmas Toast

Still looking for a fun, creative food idea to make with your kids this Christmas?  You could try making pizza snowmen, or, for something a little less time-consuming and messy, you can make painted Christmas toast.

You will need: slices of bread, cookie cutters, milk dyed various colors, and paint brushes.

Let your kids pick a shape to cut their toast.

Cut out your Christmas shapes.

Paint the colored milk onto your Christmas toast.

Princess and Goofy loved making their toast "pretty."

Here is a snowman all ready to go.

Princess was pretty proud of her edible artwork.

Pop them in the toaster.

When they come out, butter them, throw on some honey, jelly, cinnamon-sugar...whatever you like.  We dipped ours in soup.

*Disclaimer - sometimes the little Christmas toast shapes get stuck in the toaster.  I would suggest making grilled cheese sandwiches or simply toasting them in a pan or on a griddle.  Same effect, less hassle.  

Merry Christmas and enjoy your toast!

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