Saturday, December 14, 2013

Push Pin Christmas Art

Way back when I was in second grade I did a push pin art Christmas project.  This activity is simple, cheap, and keeps the kids preoccupied for quite a while.

All you need are some push pins and wrapping paper.  I chose wrapping paper that had very simple characters for my girls to poke, but you could get paper with lots of detail if you want to be fancy.  You could also use a Christmas coloring page.  Let your kids color the picture then punch it with the push pins.  

Goofy had lots of fun poking holes all over her snowman.  She requested a Santa to do as well.

Princess was much more meticulous and careful to trace the lines on her snowman.

Poke, poke, poke!

I may have gotten in on the fun as well.

Princess showing off her pictures.  She informed me that she wants to do this activity again tomorrow.

Here is a little Santa being held up against the light.  You can hang your kids' pictures from your windows.  

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