Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snowball Race

Last week Bestie and I put together a small Christmas party for our preschoolers/toddlers.  We both like cheap, no-mess activities.   This "snowball" race did not disappoint.

Here's how you play: Give each child a "snowball" (a.k.a. cotton ball).

Show them the starting and finishing lines.  Explain that they are supposed to blow their "snowball" from the start to the finish.  Whoever does it the fastest wins.  Easy enough!

We did a couple of races.  Each child won at least once.  Sometimes a "snowball" would get blown near the other person's snowball.  It was fun to watch the kids maneuver around each other.

*You could do this activity so many ways!  Have the kids blow through a straw or an empty toilet paper roll.  They could try to follow lines on the floor or shapes made with tape. 

Have you ever tried this game before?  Which way do you like to play it?

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