Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Tag Party Game

Each year for Christmas Eve my mom hosts a delicious dinner.  I mean seriously, it's no wonder I gain 2 + pounds over Christmas season.  After dinner we have a Christmas Eve party/program, and each year I am in charge of games (which is totally fine with me).  

I tried a new game this year called Christmas Tag.  Give each member of the family a sheet with 10 Christmas tag stickers.  Have each person write their name in the "From" section.  Leave the "To" section blank.  

Throughout the night everyone tries to stick the tags on each other without the other person seeing them.  It doesn't matter if they feel it or not.  You just cannot be seen.  If you are seen, you must remove your tag.  Having your name on the "From" section lets people know who tagged them.  Whoever gets rid of their tags first wins the game.  The person with the most tags stuck to them loses.  I gave a prize for the winner and a gag prize for the loser.

My grandma had no idea that we even tagged her.

My grandpa lost and here he is wearing the gag prize.

Goofy loved the snowman headband, so grandpa gave it to her.

My entire family loved this game.  You could use it as a getting to know you activity at a Christmas party.  Give it a try!

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