Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Mystery Dinner

Ever eaten spaghetti with your hands?  Or have you tried to pick up a pile of cheese with a toothpick?  These are all viable dinner options if you have this silly Valentine's Mystery Dinner with your family.

Throughout the month of February I like to do Valentine-themed activities.  I especially like to make meal time special.  While I was scrolling through Pinterest I happened across this cute idea from Gourmet Mom on-the-Go for a Valentine's Mystery Dinner.  It looked kind of fun.  I decided to give it a go, and I am glad I did.  My entire family LOVED this activity!

Here is the table setting.  It's nothing fancy.  I threw some hearts around on the table, and I set out a pencil and the menu.  You can print off your own menu HERE.

You order the meal in four courses.  For the first course you only get three dinner items.  You do not know what you are ordering because the things on the menu are in Valentine's code.  For example: melted hearts is spaghetti sauce.

Princess got lots of food with her first order, but no utensils.  When I told her she would just have to eat it with her hands, she laughed and said, "This is silly."

Once you order something you get to keep everything that comes with that order.  Eventually you will get the whole meal and the silverware to go with it.  Hubby laughed a lot during dinner.  (He also told me I am crazy, but I already know that).  He had fun trying to figure out what each item on the menu could be.

Goofy really enjoyed her Puppy Love (a.k.a. orange Crush).  I don't usually have soda in the house, so that was a particular treat.

Hubby helped Goofy make her order for each course.

Princess didn't get any silverware until the very last course.  Doesn't look like she minded too much though huh?

*What sorts of things do you like to eat for Valentine's Day?

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