Saturday, March 1, 2014

Heart-Themed Preschool Lesson

Teaching Goofy's preschool is one of my favorite parts of the week.  My friend, Bestie, and I teach our kids twice a week.  She teaches Tuesday, I teach Thursday.  I had the privilege of teaching the Valentine's Day lesson.  Valentine's Day may be over, but if you have little girls or boys that like hearts, they will love everything about this lesson.

There are 4 free printables included in this lesson.  Feel free to save the pictures to your computer and print them off.  They include:
  • "Things I Love" Sheet
  • "Heart Counting" Sheet
  • "Candy Heart Estimating" Sheet
  • Letter B Flashcard
Here are the main focuses of this lesson: Letter Bb, counting to 5, basic estimation, and "things I love."

I always start the day off by going over the alphabet, counting on the number chart, and helping the kids learn the date and weather.

Writing Practice:  We talked about the letter B - the sound it makes and how to write it.  I laid out a plate covered in shaving cream.  Using their pointer finger, the kids wrote both capital and lowercase B.

About Me - Things I Love: I gave each child one of these "Things I Love" sheets.  I made it and all other printables for this lesson on PicMonkey (have I mentioned how much I love that site?).  It was fun to learn some of the things that Goofy loves.  I had no idea her favorite color was blue.  (You'd think I'd know that by now huh?)

Counting to 5: I gave each child a bingo marker and the "Heart Counting" sheet.

Using the bingo marker, the kids would count as they filled in the white circles.  They really seemed to enjoy this part of the lesson.

Here is the printable.  Enjoy!

Heart Estimation: After snacks and play time we did a little heart estimating.  I asked the kids to guess how many hearts they could hold in one hand.  They marked their guess on their paper.  Then we saw how much they could actually hold.  It was good counting practice.  We estimated how many hearts they could hold in both one hand and two.  We talked about making good guesses - how you can probably hold more in two hands than in one.

Here is the estimation sheet I created (again, feel free to use it).

Fun in the Kitchen: Naturally, because it was Valentine's Day, we had to decorate some heart shaped cookies and give Valentines.

Here's Goofy frosting and decorating her cookie.

Decorating cookies is so fun!

Here are the masterpieces.

Now for the best part - eating them!


Princess was happy to be included in the party.

Bud also appreciated getting a cookie.

Homework - Letter B Flashcard: Here is the flashcard that I made for the lesson.  Notice the heart-shaped box?

What are some of your favorite Valentine's Day learning activities?

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