Monday, March 31, 2014

Ideas for Tricksters

April Fools was one of my favorite holidays when I was a kid.  A whole day where you are not only allowed to, but are encouraged to prank people.  Believe me, I can short sheet a bed and string up a closet with the best of them.  And I did.  Many times.

For all you last-minute April Fools lovers who haven't planned any tricks for tomorrow, here are 20 simple pranks you can use.

  1. Turn all of the pictures in the house upside down.
  2. Dye the food you eat different colors.
  3. Short sheet the beds - Don't know how?  Check out this picture tutorial.
  4. Rearrange all of the dresser, bathroom, and/or kitchen drawers.
  5. String up the closets.  You could get really crazy and cover trap someone (like on The Parent Trap).
  6. Make soap that won't lather - by Lady Create-a-lot (33 Harmless Pranks).
  7. Put googly-eyes on the food, Barbies, pictures, etc.  
  8. Make a sugarless snow cones. Shave the ice and only put dyed water over the top.
  9. Place a bullion cube in a shower head.  The victim will have a nice, warm beef or chicken shower.  
  10. Undrinkable juice (a.k.a. jell-o in a cup) - by iVillage.
  11. Draw mustaches, glasses, and other silly faces on the mirror with a dry erase marker.  When the kids go to look in the mirror they will be surprised by their silly new look.  
  12. Make the alarm clock or phone alarms go off every hour.
  13. Move your kids into a different bed while they sleep - by Coolest Family on the Block (30 great ideas to play on kids here!)
  14. Switch the sugar and the salt shakers.
  15. Turn all of the furniture in a room around so it faces a different direction.
  16. This fake milk splatter (made from glue) would totally freak me out! - Buzzfeed
  17. Cover a car, piece of furniture, door, etc. with post-it notes.
  18. Draw mustaches, beards, or uni-brows on your kids with washable marker while they sleep.
  19. Dye their bath water and water in the toilet bowls different colors.
  20. Take away all combs and leave forks in their place (kind of Little Mermaid-esque huh?).
I hope you and your family have lots of laughs this April Fool's Day!  

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