Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let's Learn About Families - Preschool Lesson

A Lesson by Bestie - She's amazing!

Lesson Topics: Letter C (hard c sound, writing letter c, & recognizing short words that start with c), Families (differences & similarities)

Letter C:
Bestie started the lesson by introducing Goofy and Brownie to the letter C.  She did this by showing them the C is for Car flashcard.  They talked about the hard c sound.  After they practiced making the hard c sound together, they traced the letter C.  

Activity: Letter C Words Princess Matching
Goofy LOVES the Little People Princess castle that Brownie has in her bedroom.  Bestie came up with a brilliant game using the castle to introduce the girls to short words that start with letter C.  She wrote short words starting with the letter C on white, round labels.  She made two of each word.

Bestie put one label on the bottom of each Little People Princess.

She put the duplicate word somewhere on the castle.  The girls had to put the princess on the matching spot on the castle.  Come on, tell me that's not the cutest idea you've ever heard of!  Goofy told me all about it the rest of the day.


Each child was asked to bring a picture of their family.  They showed their pictures to each other.  First, they talked about the things that were the same: a mommy, a daddy, a daughter, etc.  Then, they discussed the differences: Goofy's family is bigger than Brownie's, different hair color, Goofy has a brother and sister, etc.  Bestie explained that even though they are different, each family is good and loving.  

Art Project: Family Popsicle Stick Puppets
Bestie gave each girl this cute Family Puppet Printable to color.  When they had finished, they cut them out and glued them to Popsicle sticks.  Goofy had so much fun "playing house" with these puppets when she got home.

Homework: The homework assignment was to practice the letter C flashcard (shown above), write the letter C five times, and do something nice for a member of the family.

This is Goofy's letter C homework.  You can see that at first she traced the C's already written on the paper.  Then, I made the dash marks for her to trace.  She decided she wanted to circle the lowercase C for some reason.  Next, I helped her hold her pencil correctly and we wrote a couple of C's together.  Finally, she drew the two on the very bottom by herself.  They are backwards, but it's improvement from the zig-zag lines she usually uses when she pretends she is writing.

Goofy and Brownie are learning so much from Bestie!  

Here are some other fun family-themed crafts:
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