Monday, March 17, 2014

Presents from the Leprechauns

Earlier this week the leprechauns came and left us an empty pot.  We had a Treasure Hunt all week.  Each night, the leprechauns left gold coins for the kids to find in the house.  They saved them in the pot.  Last night the kids left out the pot of gold as well as their empty shoes, hoping for a present.

This is what they found this morning.  Their shoes were full of candy!

The leprechauns had taken the coins and exchanged them for a box of magically delicious Lucky Charms for us to eat for breakfast.

Princess just woke up, can you tell?

Goofy saying, "What is in here?"

Oh my goodness.  Look at all of those treats!  Let's have a closer look...

Chocolate coins, gold nuggets, green apple licorice, and green jelly beans!

Goofy showing me one of her gold coins.

Not the healthiest breakfast...all in the spirit of celebration.

Bud wondering, "What is that?"

"There's something in my shoe."


"That's better."

Princess eating her lucky charms (in a green bowl no less).

We had a wonderful morning full of surprises.

What do you do for St. Patrick's Day at your house?

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