Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rainbow Necklaces

Need something quick and cheap for St. Patrick's Day?  Look no further!  Your kids will love creating their own patterns and snacking as they go.

You Will Need;
Fruit Loop Cereal
Masking Tape

Cut out your yarn and put a little making tape at the end to make it easier to thread through the Fruit Loops.  Bud is wondering what is going on.

Perfect finger food!

I put a few Fruit Loops on the yarn for him, but he just took them off.

Start making your patterns.  Princess loves the rainbow.

Goofy had a hard time at first, but she caught on quickly.

I can see the rainbow!

Goofy showing mommy her pretty necklace.

Having fun.

Tie the ends of the yarn together and you're all done!

I made a necklace for Bud.  He was pretty confused at first, but it grew on him.

Didn't Princess do a good job?

Think of all of the different color combos you could make: red and green for Christmas, blue and red for 4th of July - so many options!  I like making Fruit Loop necklaces as snacks during General Conference.  (Don't forget to check out my Conference Round-Up for 30 ideas you can use during General Conference).

Happy St. Patrick's day!

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