Tuesday, July 22, 2014

30 Days of Summer Activities

Summer is almost over!  School starts in 30 days and Princess is starting kindergarten.  Yikes!  My babies are all growing up on me.

I wanted to give my kids a chance to choose a couple of activities they would like to do before the summer ends.  Here is the list they came up with:

  1. Go swim
  2. Have a water fight
  3. Paint nails
  4. Eat ice cream cones outside
  5. Go on a hike
  6. Have a nighttime nature walk
  7. Go to an amusement park
  8. Go to the library/read/have a read-a-thon
  9. Dance
  10. Write a story/play/puppet show
  11. Make a blanket fort
  12. Have a sleepover
  13. Play hair salon
  14. Blow bubbles
  15. Go on a walk
  16. Wash the car(s)
  17. Play outdoor games
  18. Go on a bike/scooter ride
  19. Have a picnic
  20. Go to the park
  21. Learn something new
  22. Draw with chalk
  23. Play with play dough
  24. Paint
  25. Start a collection
  26. Play with animals/pretend to be animals
  27. Make cookies
  28. Go see a movie
  29. Look at the stars
  30. Go to a lookout and watch the sunset

What are you going to do with your kids these last few days before school?

Feel free to print off the checklist above.  Have a happy summer!

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