Monday, September 29, 2014

I Love to See the Temple - FHE Lesson

Temple dedications are a blessing for the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (a.k.a. the Mormon church).  The re-dedication of the Odgen, Utah temple was a special treat.  I wanted to help my children understand the importance of temples as this event took place.

During the Open House we drove to Odgen and walked through the temple together.  The children loved how clean, beautiful, and peaceful it was inside.

It's pretty beautiful outside as well don't you think?

My children were all too young to attend the re-dedication, but I wanted to help them understand what had happened and that the Ogden temple was now a holy place.

So, for family home evening the Monday after the re-dedication we drove to the Mount Timpanogos, Utah temple.  We laid out a blanket and sat on the temple grounds.

I asked the kids if they remembered going through the Ogden temple and what they felt.  I told them that on Sunday daddy and mommy went to the re-dedication.  That meant that a special prayer was said and the temple became a holy place.  Now, only worthy members of the church could go to do the work there.  I mentioned that even the temple grounds are prayed for and become a special place.

Princess couldn't get enough of the temple.  Goofy kept saying that I married my prince (a.k.a my hubby) in the temple.  We talked about being sealed together and forever families.  I told the children that we need to keep the commandments and our baptismal covenants to enter the temple someday.  They were particularly excited when I told them that they could do baptisms for the dead at age 12.

The kids enjoyed sitting in front of the temple and taking in its beauty.  We closed our family home evening by singing "I Love to See the Temple."  There's something special about singing that song on temple grounds!

Try taking your kids to the temple for FHE.  It will be a sweet memory that you will cherish forever.

I know I will.

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