Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween Nail Painting

Time to get festive!  I don't paint my kids' nails very often, so when I do paint their nails it is a special treat.  They were so excited to have their nails painted with Halloween designs.

I used this activity while we watched General Conference.  If they heard the word associated with each color we put a tally mark.  When it was over we used the colors they earned to make the different designs.

Princess liked showing off her nails.  Let's get a closer look...

Here is her right hand.  She loved the little ghost.

And the left hand.  I thought they all turned out pretty cute.

I made some cute little eyeballs on my big toe (ignore my ugly feet).

Goofy wanted orange nails with a black tip.

Feel free to use this printable for your own Halloween nail painting party.

Happy Halloween!

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