Monday, October 13, 2014

Prayer: A Link to God FHE Lesson

At this last General Conference Elder Richard G. Scott gave us 4 tools that we can use to strengthen our families: family scripture study, attending the temple, family home evening, and family prayer.  I decided to focus on family prayer for FHE.

I put up a picture of Jesus as well as 3 different times of day.  I had cut out some strips of paper that said "meal prayer," "family prayer," :personal prayer," and one that said "anytime, anywhere."  I asked the kids to place each prayer with the time of day where it belongs.

The kids liked making the chains.

Here's a close up of the different links.  They have pictures on them for the little ones that can't read.

I told the kids that each time we say a prayer it links us to Heavenly Father.  It gives him more chances to teach us, guide us, and help us throughout the day.  I told them we could pray anytime, anywhere, whenever we feel like it.

Our family is pretty good at having family prayer at night, but we had never done family prayer in the morning.  We set a time each morning that we would say our family prayers.  So far, we have stuck with it.  Saying family prayer has been a great way to start off our day.


Here are different prayer slips and times that I used for the lesson (as always, feel free to use them for your own FHE).

How has General Conference helped your family?

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  1. This is brilliant, and exactly what I needed! Thank you for always sharing your wonderful ideas.

  2. Your FHE lessons are great! Thank you so much for sharing!