Friday, January 9, 2015

Pumpkin Paper Plate Wreaths

I'M BAAAAACK!!!  Did you miss me?  The end of the year is always so crazy.  Between family events, holiday fun, piano recitals, school, preschool, sickness, and primary president duties I get so swamped!  Thank goodness for the new year and a chance to get back to blogging (which I LOVE and have missed).  I will be spending the month of January catching up on the fun we had these last few months sprinkled with a few things we are doing now.

I decided to start off with a craft that my kids and I did with our friends Brownie and Bestie.  We made paper plate wreaths for Halloween.  All you need is a paper plate, scissors, orange and green mesh (you could use a thick green ribbon instead), white or black tulle (for either a ghost or a bat), yellow or black felt (for eyes), and pom-poms.

We cut a hole out of the paper plates.  Then, we used the orange mesh to decorate our wreaths.  There were two methods: 1) wrap the mesh around the paper plate ring or 2) bunch up the mesh and glue gun it in place.  Next, make a hook to hang your wreath with using the green mesh or ribbon.

To embellish the wreath we made ghosts and bats.  If you want to make a ghost cut out a small square of white tulle.  Glue a white pom-pom to the middle of the square.  Cut out some small, black eyes and glue them on.  Stick the ghost on your wreath and you're done!

To make the bat cut out a strip of black tulle.  Fold it it half and tie it into a knot.  Cut out two small, yellow circles for the eyes and glue them on.  Place your bat on your wreath and you're done.

The kids had fun hanging their wreaths all around the house.

Brownie's favorite color is green, so she made an all-green wreath.

Bud preferred using it as a lion's mane.

Goofy was so excited to hang it up that I couldn't get a picture of her holding it still.

Princess was the only one to try the bunching method.  She was pretty proud of it.

Even though it is January, my kids still have these wreaths hanging from their bedroom doors.  Is that a successful craft or what?

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