Saturday, June 20, 2015

Easter Egg Dying with Friends

8 years ago I was dating the handsome guy on the right of this picture.  I invited him over to my house to dye Easter Eggs with my family.  When it was time for him to leave I walked him to the front door.  That night he kissed me for the first time.  So, dying Easter eggs will always be one of my favorite traditions.

This year we invited a couple of our best friends over to dye with us.  It's always more fun with friends!

My kids look forward to dying eggs every year as well.  I love Bud's face in this picture!  We use lots of different Easter egg dying techniques.  This year we stuck with traditional egg dying kits, using q-tips, and drawing with Sharpies and crayons.

While we dye eggs I like to have a couple of traditional treats available.  This year we had Robin Eggs.  Naturally, that led to Robin Egg Lipstick.  Can you see Goofy's blue lips?

Here's the end result of our egg dying this year.  Lot's of pretty, sparkly eggs.

Each year I do a Sharpie marker egg.  Here is this year's edition - the Easter Bunny.

What is your favorite Easter tradition?  Do you have a favorite way to dye Easter eggs?

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